What’s In Your Gym Bag Bruce Buffer?

What’s In Your Gym Bag Bruce Buffer?

Pack Date: December 1st 2016

Bruce Buffer may not be a Pro fighter, but he is one of the most recognized names and voices in MMA. Bruce is very active and works out every chance he gets. Before he became an announcer, he was an avid kickboxer with a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do. He has also studied Judo and BJJ. So we reached out to him and asked… Bruce Buffer, what’s in your gym bag?!

Bruce packs…

  1. SPF 30 Sun Tan Lotion. Never know where your workout will take you!
  2. Workout Towel.
  3. Purell Hand Sanitizer.
  4. Roots Of Fight Hoodie.
  5. Essential Toiletries.
  6. Fairtex Gloves.
  7. Bottle Of Water.
  8. LuLu Lemon Workout Shirts.

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Website: http://brucebuffer.com

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Instagram: http://instagram.com/brucebufferufc