What’s In Your Gym Bag Dan Hardy?

What’s In Your Gym Bag Dan Hardy?

Pack Date: December 10th 2016

Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy is one of the biggest names in the sport, having fought in the UFC 10 times, with one match being a title fight against welterweight king Georges St, Pierre. So we reached out to him and asked… Dan Hardy, whats in your gym bag?!

Dan packs….

  1. Datsurta Hemp Bag
  2. Booster Thai Shin Guards
  3. Booster Boxing Gloves
  4. Virus Compression Pants
  5. Foam Nunchaku, Or Are They?
  6. Onnit Training T-Shirt
  7. Onnit Jump Rope
  8. Onnit Shroom Tech
  9. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap
  10. Backroll Pro

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