Dana White says Yoel Romero is next for Bisping

Dana White says Yoel Romero is next for Bisping

The UFC middleweight division is loaded with big name talent. Anderon Silva reigned over the division for years before Chris Weidman dethroned him. Now, Michael Bisping sits atop the division as the undisputed champion. There has been so much talk as of late as to who his next fight should be against.

Dana White put an end to that talk when he appeared on the UFC Unfiltered podcast recently with Jim Norton and Matt Serra. When Serra pressed Dana about a possible rematch between Bisping and Silva, should Silva be victorious at UFC 208 against Derek Brunson, Dana shot it down.

“Anderson’s gotta get past Brunson and Bisping’s gotta get past Yoel Romero. Yoel Romero’s been floating out there for a long time waiting for a title shot. Bisping wanted to do that grudge match with Dan Henderson. It was gonna be Dan Henderson’s last fight. I’ve always shown Henderson the respect that I felt he deserved. He’s a guy who has fought everybody out there. So we did that fight and he’s gotta defend his title now against the #1 contender. I mean if you look at what Romero did to Chris Weidman, he absolutely deserves the shot.”

No one can argue giving Romero the title shot, especially since he’s the #1 contender and that’s how things are suppose to work. But at the same time, guys like Jacare Souza and Luke Rockhold can make an argument for being in the mix as well.

Bisping has made it no secret that he’s looking for a big money fight and even tried to get a super fight going with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. But alas, it is all for naught as the boss has spoken.

No word yet on when we are likely to see this fight as Bisping is recovering from knee surgery.