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Wiz Khalifa dropping serious knowledge about the UFC 229 fracas

Sure, a lot of celebrities have said many smart things about the melee after the main event of UFC 229. However, Wiz Khalifa nails it right on the head when dropping knowledge of what happened. Once you take your emotional investment in out of it and look at it logically, it’s easy to make sense of it.

People like Wiz and our namesake, Mike Swick, aren’t solely putting the blame on the UFC. However, they are certain that the UFC needs to do a better job in a few aspects of promotion and security.

There are things that need to be taboo when it comes to promotion; Like family, religion, and politics. I think the fight itself is enough motivation for these guys to get pissed at each other. Bringing aspects that have caused entire countries to go to war should probably be frowned upon.