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UFC 209: Champ Camp Season 3 Episode 3

Another episode of  Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp.

Mixed Martial Arts fighters are more and more taking their marketing and promotion into their own hands. There are fighters who do video blogs, and then there is Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp.  It’s time and time again one of the highest quality, best-produced video series on the web.  This episode is no different.

Woodley is training for his fight at UFC 209 with Stephen Thompson as Rufassport. We then see Woodley preparing a meal with his new training partner, Sage Northcutt.  These two need a buddy cop movie really bad. Poor Sage, he just wants to work out and do flips, but Tyron has him washing chicken feet in the sink.  Yes, chicken feet, complete with their claws. Sage doesn’t seem convinced that this is something he needs to eat.  It’s pretty funny.  Din Thomas is also in the mix, and the three of them together are magic.

Tyron, Din and Sage go to a local elementary school and Tyron gives the kids a talk, giving back to his community. After he’s finished, they fighters stay and sign autographs, it’s a positive insight into what drives Woodley, and what makes him tick.

After they leave the school, we’re back in the gym with Tyron and Sage drilling some wrestling.  It’s good to see Ben Askren working with them as well. He is among the best Welterweights in the world and has long been deserving to be in the UFC.

We see Tyron go through a litany of media responsibilities and interview, and weigh-ins and what has to be a grind of monumental levels.  He’s through it all, and it’s almost time to fight.

We see him after the fight, and he tells the story that Evan Shoman shared here, about giving his belt to a mother who had lost her daughter. It’s a touching story, and more reason to both admire and respect Tyron Woodley.  Check out the video.