Things get heated between Tyron Woodley and Wonderboy

Things get heated between Tyron Woodley and Wonderboy

Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson went at it on ESPN yesterday. The usually cordial combatants came to the subject of their fight and the argument ensued.

Transcribed below is how Woodley and Thompson’s interview went down:

Tyron Woodley: How do I need to be a better champion?

Stephen Thompson: If I was the champion and it was a draw, you run it back.

TW: If you WERE the champion. How are you going to tell the Champion of the World in the hardest weight class in the world, how to be champion?

ST: How can you be okay with a draw? After we drew, Tyron was already asking for other fights. Other people…

TW: Because I’ve moved on.

ST: He wants to go up a weight class and asks for Bisping. I’m like, “Run it back man”.

TW: I wasn’t okay with the draw. You say run it back… Here’s the thing… The 3 blind mice watch the fight. Three judges had it a draw. What was it to you?

ST: It was a draw. I thought I won the second, third, and fifth rounds. I’ll give you the 10-8 in the 4th.

TW: So, what you do in the third round?

ST: I out pointed you. What are you talking about?

TW: Are we fighting or pointing each other?

ST: It’s still a fight. It’s a game. You know how to play the game? I know how to play the game.

TW: You know, going into this fight I felt like he was promoted as the Champion. I’m the Champion. I knocked out the baddest welterweight in the world, in record-breaking time and I don’t get the respect I deserve. That being said, don’t have him walking out with the American flag like I’m from a different country. Don’t have him parading around. Don’t have everything revolve around him. Then I go out there…

ST: *Interrupts* First off, I walked out…

TW: *Interrupts* 1 second, the champion is talking.

ST: *Interrupts* I walked out with the flag, because it was for the wounded vets. They gave it to me.

TW: Then on top of that, people were saying I’ve got all this muscle and can’t make it 5 rounds. Oh I beg your pardon, but most of the damage that was done was in the championship rounds. He barely survived out of those rounds. Many judges (referees) would have stopped that fight, when I dropped him for the third time in the fourth round.

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