Tyron Woodley and Jamie Varner get into scrap…

Tyron Woodley and Jamie Varner get into scrap…

…sort of. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner having been going at it on Twitter over the past twelve hours.

It all started when Varner posted the following tweet:

The tweet was in regards to talk by Woodley during a recent appearance on ESPN with his UFC 209 opponent Stephen Thompson. During the interview, Woodley discussed his feelings on the factor that race plays on how he is treated as a champion and as a fighter.

It is a topic that Woodley is not shy about and was clearly not going to back down from Varner’s jab:

And that’s where things ended. It appears the two took the conversation private but Varner was still insistent on a more public approach.

Woodley has taken some heat for his original comments and has also received some praise. One can never judge someone else’s mindset or stance if they’ve never walked in their shoes, and that is not our intent here either. We are merely bringing the news.

For those unfamiliar with Varner, he finished his career losing four straight, finishing with a record of 21-11-1, 2 NC.

The scrap should be over as there’s obviously no chance of this verbal confrontation carrying over to an actual match.