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Justin Wren details the brutality of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Bellator heavyweight, Justing Wren, informed the masses that he had climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and raised money for clean water in the Congo. Now, Wren details how climbing the mountain was absolutely brutal.

“It was some of the sorest I’ve ever been in my entire life. More so than after a fight. Summit day we climbed for 20 hours. We are out the (tent) at midnight and we didn’t get back until 8 p.m. We were hiking up so we didn’t get caught in the dark. It kicked our butt.

I think there were three or four guys that didn’t make it. People were getting sick left and right and they were hauling people down the mountain. The altitude just hit us. We were sleeping at 15,700 ft the night before the climb. That’s 1,500 feet higher than any mountain in Colorado. We’re sleeping there and then we start to go up to 19,341.”

Justin Wren, you are a beast!