WSOF NYC Live Play by Play

WSOF NYC Live Play by Play

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NBC Main Card

Justin Gaethje (c) (16-0) vs. Luiz Firmino (19-7) Lightweight Title

Rd 1: Firmino comes steamrolling out with a front kick that misses and the two take it to the canvas. No action on the mat and ref stands them up. Firmino lands a right hook but does little damage. He throws in some acrobatics in an attempt to get Gaethje’s back but can’t connect. Another right hook by Firmino and Gaethje answers with a verbal jab. Firmino gets to Gaethje’s back on the feet but can’t find the angle he needs. Gaehtje lands a kick to the body at the bell and a cartwheel kick that lands after the bell sounded.

Rd 2: Firmino opens up round two with a hard left hook that knocked out Gaethje’s mouthpiece. After a scramble he gets it up off the floor and the action is back on . They’re going at it on the feet, serious bad blood between these two. Flying knee by Firmino but it’s blocked by Gaethje. Firmino starts to connect more regularly and Gaethje loses his mouthpiece again. Overhand right by Gaethje opens up a cut on Firmino. Firmino’s right eye is starting to swell and Gaethje is spitting blood. A great round 2!

Rd 3: They come out swinging, Firmino finding success with his jab. Gaethje stuffs a take down attempt and refuses to go to the ground with Firmino. This time it’s Gaehtje with a flying knee attempt but it fails to connect. Gaethje landing shots but looks to be exhausted. A right hook and right uppercut lands for Gaethje. They stand and trade and the round comes to a close.

Rd 4: The ringside doctor checks Firmino’s eye as it’s swollen shut. Chants of “Let them fight!” ring out from the crowd but the doctor could not be convinced and calls the fight. AND STILL champion, Justin Gaethje.
Justing Gaehje (c) def. Luiz Firmino via TKO (doctor stoppage) end of Rd 4


Yushin Okami (32-10) vs. Paul Bradley (23-6) – Welterweight

Rd 1: Not much action til the final minute when Bradley found himself on top and landed a few blows. Okami got a shot in of his own, opening a small cut on Bradley.

Rd 2: The second round closes mirrors the first with no major moments. Both fighters are going after it but their strikes just aren’t landing.

Rd 3: Bradley’s cut is becoming a problem as the blood is beginning to flood his right eye. The doctor comes in to take a look but this time lets the fight continue. They continue to swing big but also continue to miss one another.
Yushin Okami def. Paul Bradley via split decision


Jon Fitch (c) (28-7-1) vs. Jake Shields (31-8-1) – Welterweight Title

Rd 1: Shields starts the action with a nice kick to the head, Fitch responds with one to the body. Fitch gets top position in his corner and picks his spots with some shots. Shields manages to find a guillotine form the bottom but’s more of a defensive maneuver and has very little effect. After some inactivity the ref stands them back up and Fitch lands a nice leg kick. Moments later he follows with a big overhand right that lands flush.

Rd 2: Shields scores a single-leg takedown to start the round but Fitch is right back up. Up against the cage Shields manages another takedown, a quick trip. Shields secures top position right near his corner and begins landing some measured shots. Shields works his way to the back, landing shots, trying to open Fitch up for a rear-naked choke but can’t find the angle.

Rd 3: Shields shoots for a double-leg but gets stuffed. He tries a second time but again no luck. They scramble to the ground and Shields sinks in a guillotine but it’s more for control than for a submission attempt. Fitch finds his way to his feet and they jocky for position against the cage. Shields lands some knees in the process but is stuffed on another double-leg attempt. Fitch finds a double-leg albeit a tired one and the two are back on the mat. Fitch gets a few shots in before the round comes to a close.

Rd 4: They come out tired, the ref pauses the action to cut excess tape from Shields’ glove. Fitch lands a lead right before stuffing another takedown attempt. A choppy single-leg by Shields and they find themselves on the mat again, this time by Fitch’s corner.

RD 5: The two find their way to the mat once again and battle for position. Shields rolls into a heel hook attempt but no dice. Fitch breaks free and gets on top. They jockey until the bell and leave it up to the judges.
AND STILL champion Jon Fitch.
Jon Fitch (c) def. Jake Shields via unanimous decision


Marlon Moraes (c) (17-4-1) vs. Josinaldo Silva (25-4) – Bantamweight Title

Rd 1: A feeling out period to start the round. That didn’t last long as Moraes drops Silva with a combination. After some sprawling they make it back to their feet. Moraes and Silva throw a kick at the same time and both hit the ground. On the way down Silva smashes his knee into the canvas, falls back, and waves himself finished. It’s unclear as to what happened to the right knee of Silva but that brings an end to the fight. AND STILL champion, Marlon Moraes.
Marlon Moraes (c) def . Josinaldo Silva via TKO (injury) Rd 1, 2:30


NBC SN Prelims

Jared Rosholt (14-4) vs. Caio Alencar (10-1) – Heavyweight

Rd 1: The big boys come out swinging early and Alencar lands a MASSIVE right hand, dropping Rosholt. He lands one more big shot on the ground before the ref jumps in and stops it.
Caio Alencar def. Jared Rosholt via KO (punches) Rd 1, 1:17


David Branch (c) (19-3) vs. Louis Taylor (10-1) – Middleweight Title

Rd 1: The champ scores a takedown early but they scramble back to their feet, Branch against the cage. Taylor tries for a flying knee but gets double-legged in the process. Branch works his way to Taylor’s back and works for a rear-naked but can’t manage to sink it in. Louis gets a sweep and ends the round on top.

Rd 2: Taylor starts round two with a stiff left jab. They spend a fair amount of time jockying for position against the cage. An uneventful round as neither manages to really take control.

Rd 3: Branch and Taylor start the round feeling each other out before trading jabs. Branch lands a big double-leg takedown but ends up in a guillotine by Louis. Branch breaks it and sweeps Louis, now in top control. Branch works his way to Taylor’s back and tries to sink in the rear-naked choke, but can’t lock it up. They sprawl back to their feet and exchange some strikes.

Rd 4: Both fighters come out and exchange knees to the body before Branch is hit with a low blow. Taylor lands another knee before Branch responds with a double-leg takedown, landing some body blows while on top. Branch rides out the round in top control, landing numerous shots to the body.

Rd 5: They come out in round five feeling each other out. Taylor scores a jab but Branch answers with another double-leg and maintains control on top. Branch works his way to the back and this time manages to sink in the rear-naked choke for the submission victory. AND STILL Middleweight champion, David Branch.
David Branch (c) def. Louis Taylor via submission (RNC) Rd 5, 2:00


Smealinho Rama (9-2) vs. Jake Heun (9-4) – Light Heavyweight

Rd 1: They come out swinging but meaningful contact proves hard to come by. Rama starts to move and begins to touch up Heun a bit. Rama lands a HUGE right hand, dropping Heun. He lands a few more big shots on the ground before they scramble. Rama tries for a toe hold and then heel hook, neither scoring a tap. They get back to their feet and Heun lands a HARD kick to the body. After some scrapping Rama lands a big knee and closes out the round swinging with the referee keeping a close eye.

Rd 2: Rama starts the round with a solid left before the two trade blows. Rama lands a big body blow that backs Heun up to the cage before landing a small flurry. Heun goes for a takedown but it gets reversed and Rama ends up on top. Ground and pound by Rama and the ref steps in to call a stop to the fight.
Smealinho Rama def. Jake Heun via TKO (strikes) Rd 2, 3:30


WSOF.COM Prelims

Shane Kruchten (11-4) vs. Jeremy Mahon (5-4) – Catchweight (150lbs)

Rd 1: Kruchten rushes and gets Mahon up against the cage before scoring a take down. Mahon searches for an armbar from his guard but eats a hard right from Kruchten instead. Mahon lands a series of strikes on the feet before landing a slam of his own, they scramble to their feet quickly, however. Mahon lands one more small takedown before the round comes to a close.

Rd 2: Mahon lands a nice leg kick early. He continues to press, landing here and there but nothing too damaging. They get tangled in a clinch against the cage and work for position before Kruchten manages a takedown. Kruchten controls the top landing some small blows before the close of the round.

Rd 3: Both fighters come out and embrace in a show of sportsmanship which is promptly followed by an accidental low blow by Mahon seconds later. Mahon manages a trip when Kuchten tries for a front kick. He quickly takes Kruchten’s back and begins to work. Kruchten gets them to their feet before switching positions and gets on top. They trade blows on the ground as they ride out the time and leave it up to the judges.
Shane Kruchten def. Jeremy Mahon via unanimous decision


Vagab Vagabov (20-0) vs. Bruno Santos (14-2) – Middleweight

Rd 1: Both fighters come out a bit apprehensive before Vagabov opens up with a leg kick. The feeling out process continues, something New York fight fans voice their disapproval of. The round comes to a close with neither fighter taking control; Vagabov the more active fighter, however.

Rd 2: The round opens with Vagabov pressing a bit more, making contact but not really getting through. A lead left hook by Vagabov makes contact but moments later Santos lands a big double-leg takedown. Santos begins to land some shots from half guard and transitions nicely into mount. Vagabov gets them back to their feet and lands some hard strikes in the process, nearly scoring knockdown. Vagabov lands shot a second after the bell but it was clearly accidental.

Rd 3: Vagabov comes out active again, throwing but not really landing. Vagabov is looking to land a big straight right hand but can’t seem to find the opportunity. After a bit of inaction Santos scores another double-leg takedown right in front of his corner. Vagabov tries to work a Kimura from his guard but to no avail. Santos scores on more takedown as the round comes to a close and that may very well have won him the fight on the judges’ scorecards.
Bruno Santos def. Vagab Vagabov via split decision


Andre Harrison (14-0) vs. Bruce Boyington (14-9) – Featherweight

Rd 1: Harrison lands a hard right early and follows with a double-leg takedown. He transitions to side control and ultimately gets Boyington’s back and lands some vicious strikes. He continues to work the back before locking in a rear-naked choke for the submission victory, improving his undefeated record to 15-0.
Andre Harrison def. Bruce Boyington via submission (RNC), Rd1 1:54


Tom Marcellino (7-5) vs. Matt Denning (3-4) – Welterweight

Rd 1: Marcellino with a single-leg takedown early. They get back to their feet against the cage and Marcellino locks in a standing arm-triangle choke but to no avail. Marcellino scores another single-leg takedown after the two square up in the center of the decagon. Marcellino lands a few strikes before working his way towards a guillotine choke for the submission victory and improving to 8-5.
Marcellino def. Denning via submission (guillotine)  Rd1, 3:34


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