WWE legend, Mick Foley, in Vince McMahon’s ear about Cris Cyborg

WWE legend, Mick Foley, in Vince McMahon’s ear about Cris Cyborg

The receiver of violence, Mick Foley, weighed in on the potential of Cris Cyborg signing with the WWE. Obviously, we haven’t heard anything about this being a real thing, but anything is possible these days. If the WWE wants someone on their show, all Vince McMahon has to do is WANT to make it happen.

Foley has been courting Cyborg over Twitter and it looks like the two will be meeting up soon for a viewing party. Foley addressed the possibility of Cyborg joining the WWE.

“I had a meeting with Mr McMahon and I specifically told him to keep an eye on this Cyborg vs Nunes fight. She’s going to be larger than life and would make a great WWE superstar down the line. She’ll concentrate first and foremost on this superfight and I think it will be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.”

Ronda Rousey vs Cris Cyborg never happened in the UFC and it looks like the only way it could come to fruition would be in the WWE. If I’m being honest here, Rousey and Cyborg on tv together would do massive numbers.

While many MMA fans are purists and do not want to see a showdown between the two happen anywhere but the cage; I think it would be incredibly entertaining, despite not being real.

I’m in. Who is with me?