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Check out an x-ray of Paul Felder’s broken arm via Brian Butler

Paul Felder told his corner after the first round that he’d broken his arm.

Paul Felder is as tough as it gets. Dude suffered a badly broken arm in the first minutes of his fight versus Mike Perry at UFC 226 and continued fighting for three rounds. Our editor Evan Shoman posted a video of his many injuries from that fight and now his manager Brian Butler of Suckerpunch Ent. has posted the x-ray of the arm break.

Brian basically pointed out how amazing Felder is for his performance in this fight. Brian Butler said the following.

One weeks notice, go up a weight class, fight 2.5 rounds with a broken arm… hold my beer. #irishdragon

Felder not only survived the final two and a half rounds with one arm, he fought to a competitive split decision loss. Hats off to Felder, can’t wait to see him back in the cage once he’s healed up.