About Face! Yair Rodriguez gets UFC fight after being “cut”

About Face! Yair Rodriguez gets UFC fight after being “cut”

So, despite Dana White’s recent threat of accepting fights, Yair is back!

Well, file this under “business as usual.”  Dana White and the UFC cut ties with Yair Rodriguez after he turned down a pair of fights for the promotion. Dana White doubled down on the sentiment four days ago during a media scrum warning fighters that they had better accept fights. He also stated he didn’t know if Yair would ever be welcomed back in the UFC. He added.

“When I call you and offer you a fight, you should probably take it. You should probably take it. I make 42 fights a year. And if you don’t want to fight, and if you want to be picky and choosy, and you don’t want to do this and you don’t want to do that, then you probably need to go somewhere else. And I’ll help you get there.”

Seemingly things turned around, as a tweet today by Brett Okamoto of ESPN claimed that not only was Yair back in the UFC fold, but he had a fight signed.

He went on to add that the UFC was re-instating Yair’s contract and though the fight is not yet signed, it appears to be accepted by both parties and scheduled by the UFC. It’s interesting how quickly things can change in the UFC.