Yoel Romero lost any chance to become interim champion on the scale

Yoel Romero lost any chance at becoming Middleweight Champion on the scales.

Yoel Romero almost cost the UFC an entire PPV event yesterday by not making his contracted weight for UFC 221. See, when he missed weight, he put the ball in Luke Rockhold’s court to hold the event hostage while a new deal could be negotiated. Luke was not under any contractual agreement to fight Yoel once he missed weight.

UFC 221 is paper-thin as it is, so losing the main event would be devastating.¬† Had Luke opted to say “Screw you guys, I’m going home”, things would get dicey. The UFC would be hard pressed to move forward with the event on PPV. Luke has been vocal about his displeasure with a lot of what the UFC has done. He’s unhappy with how they’ve handled his division, and him personally. The UFC had to be concerned that this was going to go badly for them.

The two parties were not able to reach a satisfactory contract at the arena after the weigh-ins, so they took a break and opened talks again once they’d left. Long story short, they reached an agreement and now Luke Rockhold will face Yoel Romero, with only Luke being eligible¬†to win the mystical Interim belt.

You can’t imagine the UFC is too thrilled with Romero based on how this all went down. It will be interesting to see how all relationships are affected going forward after this event.

The card for UFC 221 can be seen here.