Through a translator, Yoel Romero spits hot fire at Michael Bisping.

Through a translator, Yoel Romero spits hot fire at Michael Bisping.

Yoel Romero stopped Chris Weidman and secured the #1 contender spot in the middleweight division. The problem is, Michael Bisping is the champion and he feels no one at middleweight deserves a shot at his belt. He has spent his time as champion calling out everyone, except the deserving middleweights. Guys like Gegard Mousasi and Jacare are taking fights, just to stay busy.

Not Yoel Romero. He’s patiently waiting. Watching him interviewed on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, I can’t tell what he wants more… Smashing Bisping or winning the title.

Romero answers questions through a translator and as usual, cuts a wicked promo.

When he will be fighting.

“The UFC has hope that he will fight for the title and it will be in May. We’re just waiting for Mr. Bisping’s surgery recovery. We are waiting to get a final date and get a chance to go get it.”

If Bisping is avoiding Yoel

“Everyone knows. The whole world knows. He knows and his wife knows. Even his children know that he is trying to avoid a fight with me.”

“Who is the best fighter at 185 pounds right now? Yoel Romero. If someone has a belt, they need to defend it and someone needs to take it from them. Who has the belt? Mr Bisping.”

Bisping throwing USADA at him

“You can be ashamed of yourself, when have done something incorrect. Something bad. Believe me, I sleep very easy. That’s the only card that he has. That’s the only argument that he can pull. The only ace up his sleeve, is that. That’s all he can talk about.”

If Bisping is afraid of Romero

“Have you not seen the video on social media where I knock out Chris Weidman? Then, they put a caption on Bisping’s face? Have you seen it? It’s not fear. There’s no word that can explain that face. It’s Terror. Have you seen the face of someone that’s on a beach and all of a sudden there’s a giant tsunami? Same facial expression Bisping had, when I ko’d Chris. At that moment, he did not want to be the 185 champion in the UFC. At that moment he thought, ‘What the heck am I doing fighting in the sport?’

As a man you’re not supposed to feel fear, but you do have a sense of being afraid. A timidness. I can tell you this, if he can do or be anything else to not fight against me, he’s going to do it.”

If Bisping believes his career is over

“He knows deep down inside that it’s over. It’s done. This guy talked way too much crap. He spoke so much about me without even really knowing and it was something that came out really tainted. He has no idea how hard I train. Time with my family. Time that I could spend with my daughter. I put on the side for my training. This man needs to pay.”

Have you ever felt this way about an opponent before

“Nope. Everyone has always respected me. But after all that happened with USADA, there were some people I put on a list. I hope all those people who spoke all that junk about me, keep winning fights. Don’t lose any fights. So you can get at me. Please.”

Romero acquired a travel visa. Helwani wanted to know if he was going to go back to Cuba any time soon

“I’ve chosen not to go home to Cuba, because I have something to do in America first. Win the UFC middleweight title. Then I’ll go home.”

You can watch the whole interview HERE. Romero starts at 1 hour 38 minutes.