A young Conor McGregor predicts his future championship

A young Conor McGregor predicts his future championship

A young Conor McGregor predicts his future and calls his shot

Long before Conor McGregor was the face of MMA, he was a young kid with a dream.  Conor worked, and worked to achieve that dream and much more.  McGregor did what most successful people do.  He mapped out his goals, and then put in the necessary work to achieve them.  Conor seemed to know early on that he was destined for big things. Check out a young Conor McGregor speaking on his goals.

“I a professional MMA fighter with a record of 4-1.  I am an up and coming fighter and without a doubt you will see me on the UFC in the near future.”  When asked how long he’d been fighting Conor replied, “Well, I’ve boxing all me life and I started MMA like two or three years ago. Like two years ago.  I had a knack for it, I really, really, really, love it.  It’s like an addiction for me.  It’s all I do, I train like twice a day, it’s all I think about. I don’t want to do anything else, it’s as simple as that.”

Conor had other jobs before MMA that you might not be aware of. He added, “I was a plumber, I was an apprentice plumber.  I did a  year of that and it wasn’t for me.”

He had no doubt about reaching the top.  He went to explain, “I will be where I want to be, I’m 100 percent confident in that. I will make it to the top. I have the skills, I have the dedication.”

When asked what his dream was he had a simple prophetic answer, “My dream is to be world champion, world lightweight champion in the UFC.  Have more money than I know what to do with and have a great life for my kids, my grand kids, everyone in my family, and everyone who’s come up with me.”

Well done Conor.