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Yves Lavigne shows us an entirely new way to blow it, while reffing

Yves Lavigne has shown countless times over the years some of the most head-scratching moments that fans have ever seen in an MMA cage. At last night’s TUF Finale, Mr Lavigne found an entirely new way on how to blow people’s minds while reffing an MMA fight.

Look, I get it. Reffing is a difficult and thankless job. However, it’s still a job and that job needs to be properly. Mario Yamasaki finally got the boot for all of his awful missteps and so did Cecil Peoples. Yet, some refs are allowed to continue refereeing despite years of consistently blown calls. Dan Miragliotta and Eduardo Herdy immediately come to mind.

After Lavigne’s gaffe last night, he’s moving ever-so-close to the illustrious list of “Oh shit, not him” refs in MMA.