Zab Judah juggles boxing and being a nurse for Dementia patients

The last thing I expected to see Zab Judah do is be a professional boxer while moonlighting as a nurse for Dementia patients. After seeing what all Super Judah is doing, he’s clearly not doing this for the attention or publicity.

In boxing, he got paid millions of dollars to hurt people. In nursing, he makes a fraction of that and he’s helping people. Judah has somewhat of a checkered past outside of the ring, but nothing is more selfless than helping people who can’t help themselves.

According to TMZ Sports (Through

“Judah — a four-time world champ — is working at an adult day care facility during the day, and helping teach a nurses assistant class by night … all the while still training as a pro fighter.

Teberah Alexander — the director at Excelling Nursing Academy who also runs the daycare facility — tells TMZ Sports that Judah recently graduated the nurses assistant class (he’s now CPR certified, and First-Aid trained) … and now actually helps teach a class of students studying to get certified.

Alexander says Zab primarily works with people with dementia and Alzheimer’s … and has developed a bond with the elderly patients.

She says Zab does everything from catheters to taking vitals.”

Props to Judah for doing this.